Spitball Sessions #12 – Disempowerment Fantasies and Walking Across Simulators

The Dynamic Duo discuss dramatic disempowerment!  Can making a player weaker than the other characters in a world still lead to an exciting game?  How can it be moved from the narrative to the mechanical?  Discussion ensues, lessons are learned.   Batman still wins, somehow.

Then, in the Mouthwash, it may be the most controversial topic yet: walking simulators, are they an evolutionary dead end, or the harbinger of a new era?  Thrill as Luke tries to describe the genre.  Chill as Josh slags Myst.  Feel slightly ill at the amount of time discussing what the genre should be called.  You won’t want to miss this high-action thrill-ride.  So download now!

if you have any questions, thoughts, or pitch ideas, contact us at Spitball.Sessions@gmail.com or @SpitballSession on Twitter.

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