Kerbal Space Program announces new “Making History” Expansion

The guys at Squad are at it again, announcing an upcoming Expansion pack to their critically acclaimed hit Kerbal Space Program. This expansion will bring with it two new major features: the first is a mission builder system that will allow players to create their own missions for the game, and share them among the community (hopefully through the steam workshop, though this has not been clarified); the second feature will be a “History Pack”, which appears to be a number of special missions following the events of the Russian and US “Space Race”.

Alongside these two features will be a number of new parts – such as personal parachutes – which I, for one, will enjoy having.

For those of you who are unfamiliar, Kerbal Space Program is a space simulation game where you build rockets to explore a roughly 1/10th scale solar system. It offers missions and a research system to expand your ability to explore, and boasts an enormous modding community who have expanded the game in a variety of interesting ways: some making the game easier, and some much harder.

According to the announcement thread, it appears that Squad will be honoring their promise to offer this expansion free to anyone who purchased the game on their store before April 2013.   Additionally, the KSP 1.3 update will be separate from the expansion pack, and will be a free update for everyone who owns Kerbal Space Program.

No price has yet been announced.

Our official review for this game can be found here.

Kerbal Space Program


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